About Us

Who we are and our focus

We are a team of dedicated health enthusiasts and foodies that have created several new food oil products. By using a cold-pressed method of extraction our oils are made without heat which is the closest possible to the natural state, giving them the most color, odor, and flavor. We do not use other methods such as expeller, solvent, and RBD that use a chemical process to extract the oil from the seeds.

Our Mission

FromTheSun believes that we can empower others to lead the healthy lifestyle that they always strived for by bringing natural food oils to you and your family.

Our Vision 

FromTheSun wants to revolutionize the way that people can improve their health in their everyday lives. We want to promote healthy living in our communities so that it may one day spread to all walks of life because we believe that good health is an eternal goal. We want everyone to empower everyone to seek better living one person, one oil, and one dish at a time.